Thursday, April 15, 2010

Page 1 (Part 2) – A Lost Opportunity

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In this next piece, you see Lila's (or her mother's) heart for the challenge of sharing God's Good News. She embraces that God will save whom He will save but she realizes the responsibility, the privilege, and the blessing of having a part in His work.

The Lost Opportunity
by Genevieve Hale Whitlock

I SLEPT, and dreamed, and then this voice I heard
So sweet and low:
“Lift up thine eyes, look forth upon the fields.
White as the snow-
“White to the harvest; who will reap the grain?
Who garner in?
Who leave the shades of luxury and ease
To save from sin?
“Behold the fields, how white they are, how full,
The stalks, how high and fair!
The grain will fall unpicked-my people know-
Why pause they lingering here?
“And thou, wilt thou not go?” the voice went on,
In tones so strong yet mild,
“Thy work is there, it calls, it calls to thee,
Wilt thou not go, my child?'”
I gazed upon the fields, so hot they seemed-
The workers worn with toil;
Why should I leave my peaceful, quite vales
For stain and moil?
Then answered, “Lord, I am so happy here,
My dear ones nigh;
Others who’d better serve will heed they call,
But why need I?”
My heavenly Guest but bowed his thorn-crowned
He said no more;
Then silently he left me-I awoke-
The dream was o’er.
And now-how strange it is-how sad and
To feel like this;
Why should I be dissatisfied, unblessed,
Having my wish?
Having my dearest wish, my heart’s desire,
Ease, dear ones nigh;
Yet thinking always on those white, white fields,
I can but sigh,
For something heav’ly weighs my spirit down,
And tears my heart;
The grain will all be gathered-that I hope,
But, oh, to bear my part!
Ah, gracious Visitor, should’st thou return
With gentle, urgent plea for service meet,
I’d count it sweetest, aye, divinest joy,
And cast self at thy feet.

Lila’s book of special mementos as it appears today:
©Copyright 2010


  1. Well it is clear that Lila really enjoyed poetry. I think that you should post a photo of the cover of Lila's journal Robynn. Love Di ♥

  2. That's a good idea of Diana's!

  3. This is so cool, Robynn! Love it! What a beautiful poem.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion, ladies, but interestingly, (or not), it's just plain red oil cloth which covers any writing that was ever there. It has no writing on it and nothing that would give away it's contents. Plain red oil cloth is all you see. You really CAN'T judge this book by its cover. :)

  5. She was an incredible lady! What a heart she had...what beautiful poems she selected for her journal! What a treasure you have, Robynn! This is a beautiful legacy! I'm so glad you are doing this...and thanks for letting us come along for the ride! Love you! Janine XO