Saturday, April 17, 2010

Page 2 – A Child/Woman at Christmas

Lila loved music, it would seem, and was excited enough about Christmas to cut this song (out of a newspaper?) and paste it in.
I have a photo of her at about 16 with a guitar. I never knew she played until I received this book and saw the photo (coming up in sequence), and I’ve played guitar since I was 12. It was a passion for me. My mother said if I saved half, to buy the guitar, she would pay the other half. I think it was $29.99. I cut a bleach bottle up, made a pig out of it, and dropped in my earnings from babysitting and ironing. I think Lila would have gotten a kick out of it.
She didn’t know it when she pasted this page into her book, but she would go on to give birth to my grandmother, Nana, who would be classically trained at the piano and attend the Chicago Conservatory of Music. Nana could also play a mean ragtime piano and I got to hear her a few times when I was a kid. She also played for old silent movies long ago and played the organ for her church for years.
A little note at the bottom of this song says, “Boys may whistle the chorus while the girls sing.”
I don’t know why but this just hit me funny. I guess having a boy I can’t imagine them all keeping straight faces and pulling this off during all those tra-la-la-la-la’s. :)
Jack Frost
I am Little Jack Frost and I’ve come for a call,
With a sack full of snow on my shoulder,
Please get out of my way til I shake it about,
Just to make the air fresher and colder.
Tra la la la la la, Tra la la la la la,
Tra la la la, Tra la la la la la,
Tra la la la la la, Tra la la la,
Tra la la la la (see what I mean? LOL!)
It’s a pretty long time since I call’d on you last,
You must think me a very late comer,
I’ve been on a trip to the very North Pole,
To escape from the warm winds of summer.
And I’ve learned the new fashions in snow balls this year,
And a way to keep icicles growing,
And the prettiest pictures to draw on your pane,
We’ll have fun when it once begins snowing.
Oh, the jolly old games that the winter time brings!
We’ll go sliding and skating together,
You must bring your warm mittens and I’ll bring a bag,
Full of snow and a lot of cold weather.

©Copyright 2010


  1. Very fun! What a piece of days gone by! I'm really enjoying these, Robynn! And it is obvious that music runs through your veins!! Wow, what a family history! Simply wonderful. Love you! Janine XO

  2. Wish I could read music as this song sounds familiar! I could swear that I've heard all of those Tra La La La La's somewhere! Very interesting. Love Di ♥