Friday, April 16, 2010

Page 1 (Part 3) Face the Facts

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Lila was a patriot and upheld the ideals of her country. She greatly admired George Washington (as we shall see in future posts) and he is a common visitor to her pages. But we also see writings by others who would challenge her young heart and make her face issues honestly. To own that anything COULD be improved was very possibly a radical thought which, if not uttered, was thought, felt, and preserved by Lila.
Face the Facts
Love is not blind; not even the love
which we call patriotism. Determi-
nation and ability to see our country
as she is, her perils as well as her glories, is a
characteristic of the highest form of patriot-
ism. So Columbia asks of her sons and
daughter to-day, clear eyes and honest
hearts. Only thus can she be kept true to
her divine mission among the nations. Let
us know our nation as she is, that we may
help her to become what she should be.
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  1. Such wisdom in this! I love it! Love always, Janine XO

  2. Lila looks like a very strong woman, and maybe she had to be. I think I would have liked her very much.