Sunday, April 25, 2010

Page 6 – The Horseless Age

Well, it’s not exactly the Christmas season but it is in this book. Now, if I’m to accept the sequential order, it’s not even 1900 yet. That’s significant because there is a note on this page in what would appear to be a mature hand. It says, “This looks like Marjie & Harold.” I have no idea who Marjie and Harold are. It wasn’t my grandmother, Marjoree. She wasn’t born yet. Was it someone she was named after? And Lila would have been a pre-teen at this point so I don’t think she would have a hand like this.
I’m sleuthing and finding more mysteries than I’m solving. Before I found the gravestones I thought Lila was born in 1882 and would have been a late teen when this was started. In fact, she was born in 1888. That may change many things. Was this, in fact, NOT her book as I had been told and my aunt believed? Was it her book only by ownership? Was this, in fact her mother’s book, great great grandmother Richardson? Curiously, the book ends in 1928 and Eva passes away in 1931. The coincidences seem striking.
Now Lila and her mother are inextricably linked and by more than biological pairing. Are two women represented here in this book? Just one? I don’t know. There is a letter in the book from my aunt at nine-years-old and written to my grandmother, her mother. That must have been tucked in many years after in the early 1950’s. And what of the mysterious letter my grandmother said came from Lila’s Ferdinand? Wouldn’t my grandmother have known her father’s writing?
I thought this would be a simple transcribing project but these women are alive in these pages and they won’t let me rest!
I have GOT to find Evelyn, my grandmother’s sister. She’s the last living link to these mysteries.
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  1. FIND Evelyn.
    Let no grass grow on this one... time is a' passin'

  2. Hey Robynn,
    I agree. Find your great aunt Evelyn. This reminds me of my oldest sister and her quest with our family history.

    I want to come back and read more about this. It is interesting. What state or part of the country were they from?
    Have a great day.

  3. Hey Pam - my grandmother and great grandmother lived in Edgewood, Iowa. For a short time they all moved to the Los Angeles area where my biological father was born. My great grandparents then moved back to Edgewood. Most of my grandmother's brothers and sisters lived in California at one time and only Evelyn remains.