Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Page 5 – Part 2

The next clipping has no credit or title but it may be a literal battle inspiration of wars fought. It would also appear to be a metaphor for the Christian walk.
There is no escape by the river;
There is no flight left by the fen;
We are compassed about by the shiver
Of the night of their marching men.
Give a cheer!
For our hearts shall not give away.
Here’s to a dark tomorrow
And here’s to a brave today!
The tale of their hosts is countless
And the tale of ours a score;
But the palm is naught to the dautnless (sic)
And the cause is more and more
Give a cheer!
We may die, but not give way.
Here’s to a silent morrow
And here’s to a stout today.
God has said, “Ye shall fail and perish;
But the thrill ye have felt tonight
I shall keep in my heart and cherish
When the worlds have passed in night.”
Give a cheer!
For the soul shall not give way.
Here’s to the great tomorrow
That is born of a great today!
Now the shame on the craven truckler
And the pulling things that mope!
We’ve rapture for our buckler
That outwears the wings of hope.
Give a cheer!
For our joy shall not give way,
Here’s in the teeth of tomorrow
To the glory of today. ----Selected.
Can you imagine writings such as this in any newspaper you currently receive?
©Copyright 2010

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  1. I love it especially the third verse. It was wonderfully written. Love Di ♥