Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunday-afternoon Circle – Page 8, Part 1 and 2

I am including two clippings today because they come from the same page and may follow each other in dates. They are designed to be a study guide for quiet Sunday afternoons. (Where did those go?) Answers to last week’s questions appear at the bottom so I’m not sure if one of these clippings answers the questions of another. One of the benefits we enjoy is the luxury of the internet. The answers to these questions are at our fingertips. I will be Googling them and then looking up the references.
I won’t be typing the text today as I believe it is clear enough to read here. If I can keep this kind of clarity for future posts, I’d rather not type out the text because I love seeing it and reading it in its original form and I imagine you do, too. If any of you that are following find it too difficult, just let me know and I can type it.
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