Saturday, April 24, 2010

Page 5 – Part 5 – Rare Writing

Lila’s/Chastena's final clipping for page five appears today. I have researched this piece and can find nothing on it, which, where Washington is concerned, is rare. It probably exists somewhere but it certainly isn’t easy to find. That’s one thing I truly appreciate about this collection: many of these writings are long gone, out-of-print for decades, and for all intents and purposes, are lost to us. We may be reading something that hasn’t been seen for a very long time. I love that.
W is for Warren, a soldier brave and bold.
A is for General Arnold, a traitor, I am told.
S is for General Schuyler always foremost in the fight.
H is for John Hancock, who stood firm for the right.
I is Independence, for which our soldiers fought.
N New York, a city, for which both armies sought.
G is General Greene, a soldier of renown.
T it stands for Trenton, an old historic town.
O is for “Old Putnam,” Washington’s firm friend.
N is for the nation they both fought to defend.
Some of these references are not familiar enough to me. Better go study my history again.
As George Washington commanded General John Sullivan, our great (add more greats) Uncle, I now think I know why he played such a prominent role in my great grandmother(s) life. I was always told we had relatives to be proud of but honestly, I NEVER believed it until I had DAR papers in hand with my name on them. I was also told we had ancestors on the Mayflower and I REALLY poo-poohed that and got a few good chuckles out of it. But now, as all the rest has proven true, I'll be tackling this piece in the future. If I did (by proxy) land on Plymouth Rock, I'm sure my ancestor was the one who fell out of the boat and hit his head on that rock! THAT might explain me.

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